It Works | How To Stop Your Auto Ship

Once you have completed your 3 month commitment you must call It Works directly and ask them to stop your auto-ship otherwise you will continue to get an order.

After the 3 month obligation is complete you will always be able to order at the wholesale price without any future monthly commitments.

If a year passes and you want to order a box of applicators at $59, then you can by simply logging in to your website or calling in the order.

It Works! Contact Information:


Phone: 616-281-1900 or 800-537-2395 Fax: 888-711-3760

Customer Service Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:30a-6p EST and Friday 9:30a-5p EST (GMT-5:00)

International Numbers (Connects to US Customer Service)

US Phone: 00 1 616 281 1900 UK Local Phone: 020 3004 9325 Fax: 00 1 888 711 3760

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